Tax Exemption

Maintaining One of Your Ministry’s Most Important Financial Benefits

In our country, churches are exempt from federal income taxes if they meet certain criteria. The income tax exemption, coupled with the financial gifts of members and other donors, is integral to the financial lifeblood of nearly every church and nonprofit ministry. In recent years, however, the question has been raised—legitimately—as to whether or not ministries that take certain biblical positions will be able to maintain their tax-exempt status. Of course, the hot-button issue right now is biblical marriage. At this point in time, it is too early to tell whether churches and other ministries that take a stand on biblical marriage from the pulpit, in the use of their facilities, or in their admissions and/or member policies will eventually lose their tax exemptions. In the meantime, ministries should be diligent to operate in such a way as to safeguard their tax-exempt status. This resource will discuss the most common pitfalls to avoid in order to do just that.

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