Reclaiming the Christ of Christmas

The consensus of pop culture is that virtually any expression of the true meaning of Christmas must not be allowed in public.

From manager scenes to school projects, honest celebrations of Christ’s birth are increasingly likely to ignite a firestorm of protests, lawsuits, and hatred towards Christians who simply want to exercise their freedom of religion to spread the Gospel.

While activists claim that such expressions of Christmas violate the so-called separation of church and state, this is not the case.

To help you navigate these waters, the National Center for Life and Liberty is offering you a complimentary resource—Reclaiming the Christ of Christmas. This useful tool clearly explains your rights, and unpacks the legal principles that govern your religious expression at Christmas. It also explores the top three public venues where religious expression has been under greatest attack, with examples of government over reach in response to perfectly legal expressions of faith by Christians across America.

Please take time to read and share Reclaiming the Christ of Christmas so you can confidently and winsomely exercise your freedom as you spread the Good News of the Gospel, through the celebration of Christmas, this year.

Thank you also for your continued prayer and financial support of the NCLL that allows us to provide these resources, and we wish you and your family a peaceful and joyous Christmas!

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