Protect Your Ministry from the Culture’s Sex & Gender Outrage

As a church or Christian ministry who truly submits itself to the inerrant authority of Scripture, your doctrines are obviously dictated by God’s word, as are the positions and policies that flow from those doctrines.

Because of the post-Christian culture in which we live, it’s critical for you to protect yourself against those that want to hurt your ministry for taking those positions. In no area is this truer than matters concerning Biblical marriage, sexuality and gender. States and cities are expanding so-called antidiscrimination laws by the day, and for you to navigate them wisely, we strongly urge you to download our complimentary Resource: How Churches Can Protect Themselves Against Sex & Gender Outrage.

This resource will show you the steps you can take to bolster your defense against frivolous lawsuits from in light of your Biblical stand.

As always, thank you for your prayers and your financial support of the National Center for Life and Liberty.

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