December 2014

Dear Friend of the NCLL,

Are we winning the War on Christmas? My concern, as the president and chief counsel of the National Center for Life and Liberty, is that while we may now be winning the War on Christmas, we may be in danger of losing an even larger war—the War on Christians.

Why does it seem like Bible-believing Christians are the only people in America that it is still politically correct to criticize and harass?

Why has our government put some Christian organizations on the same security risk lists as Islamic terrorist groups?

Why are “gay rights” receiving greater protection today than religious liberty rights?

Christmas is a joyous time of year. We should celebrate the birth of Christ both privately and publicly. At the same time we need to remember that our religious liberty rights, which were originally based on God’s Word, were called America’s First Freedom. Without this freedom remaining intact, all our other freedoms are in jeopardy.

But these most fundamental and important rights will not protect themselves.

Christians are winning the War on Christmas by speaking up in the marketplace, but we must also now defend ourselves in a new War on Christians that’s happening all across America. We must do this by speaking up, by participating in government at all levels—national, state, and local—and by protecting our religious liberty rights both legislatively and legally.

Thank you

That is what the National Center for Life and Liberty has been called by God to do. With the help of our supporting churches and individual supporters, we are fighting the religious liberty battles in accordance with the NCLL’s battle cry: “If it’s wrong, fight it. If it’s right, fight for it.”

We cannot fight this battle alone. As you consider your Christmas giving, consider also a gift to support the NCLL and become a Christian warrior to defend our faith against the new War on Christians in America.

Your Legal Servant and Friend,

David Gibbs signature

Attorney David C. Gibbs III