January 2015

Dear NCLL partner,

I need your help!

Please pray and see what God would lead you to do as 2015 is going to be busier than ever for us here at the National Center for Life and Liberty. Our phones are exploding with legal emergencies from across the nation!

A mother in the Midwest had her son taken into state custody because she disagreed with how the doctors were handling his medical care. This mother has been a registered nurse for 16 years and the state is trampling her parental rights and potentially destroying her career in healthcare. When I talked to her on the phone for the first time after we were connected through ministry friends, she responded that the NCLL was a “miraculous answer to prayer.”

The NCLL frequently receives legal emergencies like this through Fox News appearances, Christian radio stations, and local church referrals. Because of you, the NCLL is able to level the playing field and stand for freedom. If this mother loses, every parent in America has lost.

2014 saw thousands of legal matters and cases handled by the NCLL legal team, and our attorneys trained hundreds of pastors and ministry leaders in legal seminars across the country. In 2015, we are prepared to help Congress better protect your rights and reduce the out-of-control spending and growth of federal government.

Cases, media, seminars, church services, and being your voice in Washington, D.C: the NCLL’s work and ministry opportunities are vastly increasing across the country.

This is why I need your help. I need to hire some attorneys and additional staff to handle the load, but we need a surge in year-end donations to first meet our budget for 2014.

Please pray for God’s favor and help in the cases we are handling, and consider becoming a monthly support partner with the NCLL. We need 6,000 people to support at $5 per month, 3,000 people at $10 per month, or 1,500 people at $20 per month. This level of financial support would allow the NCLL to accomplish a great deal more of what God is allowing us to do for His honor and glory. If you visit our website and set up an automatic donation, that will conveniently and consistently help support our non-profit legal efforts across the nation. You can also telephone our office and our staff will set it up however it is most convenient for you.

Also, make sure that your church is supporting the NCLL if they are able to do so. Supporting churches receive many outstanding benefits and legal services to help them succeed in their communities.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and support. I am confident that the Lord will bless you for your investment in liberty for the next generation.

“If it’s wrong, fight it. If it’s right, fight for it.” That’s the NCLL plan for 2015! Sincerely, Attorney David Gibbs, III

Your Legal Servant and Friend,

David Gibbs signature

Attorney David C. Gibbs III