February 2015

Dear NCLL friend,

The year 2015 is underway, and the challenges of our day continue to heat up. The courtrooms, the church houses, and the new Congress are active, and the National Center for Life and Liberty is being called upon to stand up for your rights and freedoms across the nation. Your prayers for the NCLL and your generosity to our efforts are deeply appreciated.

  • The NCLL defends life. Each month, we serve families who have loved ones in jeopardy of having their lives ended, despite the fact that there are family members who want to care for them.
  • The NCLL protects churches, Christian schools, and ministries. Pastors and ministry leaders are defended and protected by partnering with the NCLL.
  • The NCLL upholds freedom. Whether in the workplace or in your home, attorneys are fighting to protect your constitutional rights.
  • The NCLL preserves liberty for the next generation. The children and grandchildren of our nation are counting on us to preserve their American heritage.

Your donations make it possible for the NCLL to defend, support, and serve some of the finest churches, ministries, and people in the world as they diligently reach out to the lost who so desperately need to hear about salvation through Jesus Christ. We’ve often said that if our office walls could talk, we’d hear some incredible stories of hope and freedom as God uses the NCLL to help keep churches strong, families protected, and His Word proclaimed.

As always, the NCLL relies on our wonderful friends, supporting churches, and prayer partners to keep our programs in place. We receive no government funding, and instead are counting on people like you. Donating has never been easier, including auto-check, credit or debit card, or other options that might be more convenient for you.

Thank you so much, and enjoy this wonderful New Year as you plan your giving and sharing. Our ministry commitment for the year 2015 is to stand strong for Jesus Christ and liberty nationwide. As always, we stand ready to serve you or your family should any legal infringement arise against your constitutional liberties. Our prayer for you is that God continues to richly bless you and your family in the days ahead. Together, we can make a difference!


David Gibbs signature

Attorney David C. Gibbs III