April 2015

Dear NCLL friend,

Spring is in the air! It’s time to clean house and, of course, file (and pay!) your taxes. While many of us take some time during springtime to do a “deep cleaning” of our homes, have you ever considered doing the same with your ministry documents? By this, I mean updating your important documents and policies and eliminating those that are no longer necessary.

One of the most important documents your ministry should have is a set of bylaws that reflects how your ministry operates. But do your bylaws actually do that? Do they contain a Statement of Faith that adequately deals with all the Biblical beliefs that could now be liability risks for Bible-based ministries in America?

While these may seem like minor matters, our attorneys at the National Center for Life and Liberty deal with these issues on a daily basis. If your church is ever sued, a court will review whether the ministry is following its bylaws—including its Statement of Faith—consistently. These are not insignificant matters. Ask any pastor whose church has actually been sued.

This is why every week, the NCLL’s attorneys are advising and assisting churches and pastors across the country in updating their operational documents. Updating these documents is one of the most important and essential issues for every church to deal with if they haven’t already, simply because of the highly litigious and perilous times in which we live. But we cannot give this assistance without the help of our regular partners and donors who help us shoulder the financial burden of this important work.

The NCLL is not only assisting churches with their internal legal questions and concerns, but we are also partnering with them to stand against evil and immorality in their own communities. Just recently, we were in southern California, helping churches and businesses rally close to 2,000 people to stand against an abortion clinic coming to their community. “If it’s wrong, fight it; if it’s right, fight for it” is not just our motto. It’s not just something we say because it sounds good. It’s something we do. Every day. We are honored—and committed—to stand with pastors who seek to protect the next generation from the growing tidal wave of evil sweeping our nation.

As spring is dawning this year, religious liberties in America are under great attack. Would you consider making the best gift you can so that we at the NCLL can continue to legally protect Bible-based ministries in America? Please help us to stay in the fight with a tax-deductible springtime donation of $500, $250, $100, or even $50. Whatever you can give will be a blessing and a help to our legal ministry. You can donate by giving online, by calling us at 888-233-NCLL (6255), or by sending a donation directly to us in the provided envelope. We so greatly appreciate all of you who regularly or periodically support the NCLL legal ministry. Thank you in advance for what you are able to do!


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Attorney David C. Gibbs III