May 2015

Dear NCLL friend,

The month of May includes some of life’s most significant celebrations: Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and, for many students, Graduation Day. In many parts of the country, it is a time when Earth throws off its slumber and new life emerges.

We all love these days and cherish the memories they represent. Yet these events also touch on important issues that may affect you and your family from a legal standpoint.

Mothers and parents generally are seeing their God-given parental authority challenged. Every day, more cases of social service workers’ unwarranted involvement in homeschool families’ lives are in the news, and we are seeing an uptick in calls about this very issue at the National Center for Life and Liberty. The government’s growing encroachment into family life must be monitored, exposed, and fought. Our attorneys are standing firm for your parental rights each and every day.

In May, we remember the countless soldiers who have given their lives for our freedom. Did they die so that freedom could be trampled by forces that seek to weaken the church, the family, and our society? I pray not. They fought on the battle front and now we must fight on the home front to preserve our liberties. We can’t do it without your help.

Many students are dreaming of going off to college as they transition from high school in the month of May. Will they be able to express their faith on their college campuses, where the free expression of the Christian faith is increasingly challenged? As they move on into adulthood, it is our mission to ensure that the America we know and love will continue to be their America. Our attorneys fight each and every day for the freedom of Christians to worship, pray, and disciple others in the faith. We must not lose that freedom.

Are you thinking, “What can I do?” There is much you can do!

First, you can pray for our attorneys and staff as we take these calls and litigate these cases across the nation. It is a work we are called by God to do and we covet your spiritual support.

Second, you can introduce your pastor to the work of the NCLL and direct him to our website. Or, if you are a pastor, you can partner with the NCLL, which has many benefits for your ministry. We have hundreds of supporting churches across America and much of our work, involving countless staff and attorney hours, is to stand beside our pastors as we all stand for the faith.

Finally, consider putting aside a monthly donation to support our work. Want to get the whole family involved? Put together a neighborhood bake sale or garage sale and send the profits to support the work of the NCLL. We would be happy to send you a small number of flyers to display at your event.

Your generous support of the NCLL allows us to protect and preserve the rights we must fight for as Christians, as well as helping to spread our message of liberty and freedom to others.

Remember, “If it’s wrong, fight it. If it’s right, fight for it!” I look forward to what God will do as we work together to further His kingdom!


David Gibbs signature

Attorney David C. Gibbs III