July 2015

The Flag. Our Freedom. Your Faith

You’ve heard the phrase “Freedom is never free.” How true that statement really is, because the freedom we have in America is ours by no accident. It is a direct result of the brave, courageous men and women who have gone before us, who were willing to risk their own lives and their own liberties for the sake of a new nation—one conceived in liberty. Our flag represents the freedom so many fought and died for and that countless men and women are still fighting and dying for today. A freedom that recognizes the natural, God-given right not just to worship, but to live out our respective faiths in every aspect of our lives. And although these freedoms are, and have been, under tremendous assault for years, the battle is raging stronger than ever. We fight an enemy determined to strip God from the very fabric of our nation. An enemy seeking to obliterate biblical Christianity on the altar of relativism, atheism, pluralism, and secular humanism. An enemy that would have us believe that God (if He exists at all) had no part in the founding and preservation of this great nation.

Every day, the reality of this assault is front and center for the attorneys at the NCLL. We see it in the calls and cases we take; we see it in the news; we see it as we talk to legislators, media personnel, parents, pastors, and judges. This is why we do what we do. We are called by God and determined to preserve and protect our nation’s religious freedoms.

Regardless of what revisionist historians would have you believe, our nation’s history is literally saturated with writings and original works that clearly evidence the dependence upon God by our nation’s founders. Indeed, the Declaration of Independence—our nation’s birth certificate—references God several times:

  • God as supreme Lawmaker
  • God as Creator of all men
  • God as the Source of all rights
  • God as the world’s supreme Judge
  • God as our Protector on whom we can rely

Perhaps most importantly, the Declaration proclaims that life and liberty are unalienable gifts of God—natural rights—which no person or government can take away. While many younger Americans, when asked, will reply that our rights come from the government, our foundational document affirms that we possess God-given, unalienable, individual rights.

flag waving at a parade

On July 4th, Independence Day, flags will fly across America. Parades of veterans who served this country will march our streets, accompanied by booming high school bands. In our free society where citizens are allowed to burn and stomp on flags, those of us who still respect and revere this symbol of our freedom will stand in honor as Old Glory passes by.

By the provision of our great God, this flag has flown over tough times in our country. It is still flying over the deep and abiding challenges of today.

With the vast increase in the number and intensity of the challenges we are seeing today, the NCLL is being called upon more often to help individuals, pastors, schools, and organizations. Our call load and caseload have increased, we are growing, and we are expanding, with new offices in North Carolina and California opening up soon to better serve you.

But…the reality is that we simply cannot do our work without YOU. We need your help, because the NCLL wants to be here for you when:

  • Your religious liberty is challenged at work or school.
  • Your right to witness is impeded.
  • You face other constitutional issues regarding government overreach.
  • You have questions or issues regarding educational choice.
  • You face life-and-death decisions.
  • Your church has questions about:
    • Counseling liability
    • Tax and insurance issues
    • Reviewing and amending church bylaws and articles of incorporation
    • Transportation issues
    • Child abuse prevention and/or reporting
    • Church disputes
    • Church operating questions
    • Necessary legal forms

We want to be here to help you for many years to come, to come alongside, to serve and protect YOU, your family, and your ministry.

As you think about faith and freedom in this season of remembrance, we ask you to prayerfully remember the ministry of the NCLL in your giving and generosity. WE NEED YOU! Your gift of $500, $250, $100, $50, $25, or even $10 will help us stay engaged in the culture war. We want to be here for YOU! Please donate today online, or call 800-233-NCLL (6255).

Together, we will continue to live by our motto: “If it’s wrong, fight it! If it’s right, fight for it!”


David Gibbs signature

Attorney David C. Gibbs III