September 2015

The National Center for Life and Liberty is coming off of one of its busiest months ever. With the addition of new offices in North Carolina and California, we are growing and expanding in ways only God could orchestrate—geographically, in the services we provide, and in the numbers of churches, individuals, and families who are joining and supporting this much-needed ministry. We’ve also hired two more attorneys and added new team members in our marketing and publications department, all of whom are excited and eager to use their talents and gifts to further the NCLL’s mission of protecting and defending the values upon which our nation was founded.

At the NCLL, we receive hundreds of calls and emails every week, from pastors needing advice on tax-related questions, counseling situations, or child abuse allegations within their church, to public school students who’ve been told they can’t start a Bible club, to Christian schools who’ve been threatened with a lawsuit because they won’t admit a transgender student. While there aren’t too many “new” situations we see anymore, none of it ever gets old. We treat each case, each matter, as if it were our own.

We are continually looking for ways to improve our services, to better refine our research, to further expand our outreach. We know what’s at stake for you—our supporters, our churches, our homeschool families. The threats to America in this day and age are great, yet we can see the hand of God upon this ministry as we seek to stem the tide of anti-Christian hostility and discrimination. The NCLL is making a tremendous difference in the lives and liberties of Americans all across this great nation. In just the last few weeks, the NCLL has, among many other things:

  • Contacted and informed several school districts about illegal requirements they were placing on homeschool families within their districts; all four districts backed down after being contacted by our attorneys
  • Advised a Christian counselor on how to handle a subpoena and subsequent testimony in court
  • Reviewed church contracts related to building and design projects, starting free community outreach clinics, and property lease agreements
  • Assisted a business owner/pastor who wished to dissolve his personal business to fund a nonprofit
  • Advised a Christian school on how to handle a student who had just decided to change his gender
  • Preached and presented the ministry of the NCLL in six churches, with over 2,000 in attendance
  • Spoke at the All-Pro-Pastor’s Luncheon on how to legally protect the church in the “progressive” generation in which we are living
  • Instructed Christian school teachers and staff on child protection
  • Spoke at a pastors’ fellowship on the homosexual agenda and firearm laws affecting churches

Thank you for continuing to support, both financially and with your prayers, the ministry of the NCLL. You are a vital and integral part of this ministry, and it is you, our supporters, who allow us to stay on the front lines in the culture war. Please let us know how we can help you.


David Gibbs signature

David C. Gibbs III
NCLL President and Chief Legal Counsel