November 2015

Thanksgiving is far too often overshadowed by the retail frenzy of the Christmas—make that the (politically correct) "holiday"—season. Yet if it weren't for the events we as Americans celebrate at Thanksgiving, we likely wouldn't have 200+ years of history as the most powerful, most freedom-loving nation this world has ever known. And there's no telling where we’d be if it weren't for the God who blessed those first settlers and allowed them to pave the way for the United States of America to become a reality more than 150 years later.

The National Center for Life and Liberty exists in large part because what is happening in our nation today is the antithesis of why these first men and women left their homelands, faced tremendous uncertainty, and braved sickness, stormy seas, and great danger. They came for one primary purpose: religious freedom. Yet that one thing they cherished most about living in their new land—that freedom for which they risked everything—is being stripped away. If it hasn’t already impacted you in a tangible sense, it will. Many individuals are already feeling the impact of these assaults in many venues across the nation, and that is exactly why the staff of the NCLL goes to work every day. We are fighting to stop the advance of those who wish to destroy religious freedom on the altar of “equality” and to protect the rights of parents, pastors, and individual citizens to enjoy the rights and liberties recognized by our founders in the Declaration of Independence—life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—and those enumerated by the framers of the US Constitution.

Our mission is front and center to everything we do, and your financial gifts are what make that possible. Here’s just a sampling of what you—our supporter and friend—helped us accomplish in the last couple of weeks. NCLL attorneys:

  • assisted a Christian businessman whose boss demanded he sign a document that would in effect severely restrict the businessman’s Christian witness in the workplace
  • provided guidance to a church when one of the church’s employees caused a car accident during work hours while on church business
  • advised churches in several states as to the legality and practical considerations present in permitting church members to carry concealed weapons during church services
  • provided sample language to many churches wanting to update their bylaws to reflect biblical positions on marriage and sexuality
  • reviewed a church’s incorporation documents and assisted the church with developing bylaws and other policies
  • counseled a church concerned about a known sex offender who has been attending services
  • key-noted a rally to support traditional marriage and family values
  • met with children’s home administrators to help implement stronger child protection policies
  • served meals at homeless shelters and provided legal guidance to the shelter’s owners
  • interviewed with radio talk show hosts and television programs about ongoing cases involving religious liberty

We could not do what we do without your financial assistance and your prayers on our behalf. Thank you. Throughout the next few weeks, please take some time to pray for the following situations:

  • a friend of the NCLL who is seeking to get a religious accommodation law passed in his state (religious accommodation laws require employers to take employees’ religious beliefs and practices into consideration when making employment decisions, unless doing so would pose an undue hardship on the employer)
  • a Christian event planning company that is being targeted by homosexual activists for refusing to plan a gay couple’s wedding
  • a pastor whose insurance company is denying coverage for a much-needed surgery
  • a Christian school that is being sued by parents of a disgruntled student who left the school
  • the 2016 NCLL Legal Seminar Tour that is being scheduled—we anticipate training thousands of churches on critical legal issues in 2016 to help them achieve maximum ministry with minimum liability

These are just a few of the ongoing needs and burdens that our friends and supporters are bearing right now. Please pray for them and that God would give the attorneys and staff of the NCLL wisdom and discernment in these situations so that we can advance the Kingdom for the glory of God.

David Gibbs signature

David C. Gibbs III
NCLL President and General Counsel