December Ministry Update

A few days ago, a pastor arrived at his church to find that his secretary had just taken a phone call that no Bible-believing pastor in America ever hopes to receive—one that could forever change his ministry.

The caller shared that he and his same-sex partner planned to get married, and they wanted the pastor to perform the ceremony at the church.

As soon as the secretary shared this information with the pastor, he immediately picked up the phone and called the church’s legal counsel.

Virtually every pastor in America who takes a biblical position on same-sex marriage knows that this or a similar scenario is coming to his church. And while we wish this were merely a hypothetical example, it isn’t. This pastor’s church is a premier partner with the National Center for Life and Liberty, and when he heard about this phone call, he knew he could call us. And that’s exactly what he did. 

We explained to this pastor that the law as it now stands could not compel him to conduct a same-sex wedding ceremony. We also let him know that recent changes the church had made strengthened its case against being forced to allow same-sex couples to use the venue for a wedding or related event. These changes included: (1) amending the statement of faith in the church bylaws to reflect the church’s position on same-sex marriage and sexuality and (2) adopting a facility-use policy that tied use of the church facilities to the church’s statement of faith.

We also explained to him that the homosexual lobby is clearly intending to force this issue into the courts in the near future and that they might in fact be targeting his ministry. We assured him that if legal action is taken against him and/or his church, the resources and staff of the National Center for Life and Liberty will stand with him and defend him legally.

In 2015, just a handful of churches were confronted with this issue. Given the momentum of the last six months in the homosexual movement, however, that number will likely skyrocket in 2016. For those hundreds of churches that are now partnering with the NCLL, we are ready to stand with you if and when that happens.

On another, more positive, note, 2015 saw tremendous growth at the NCLL. Hundreds of new churches began partnering with us, hundreds of homeschool families joined our Homeschool Center, and well over a thousand new individual donors came on board to help us protect and defend religious liberty in this nation and around the world. We have seen God bless this ministry in ways we couldn’t imagine. This past month alone we’ve answered questions on a myriad of issues for churches, ministries, families, and individuals. Here are just a few:   

  • The IRS tax implications of ministry-provided cell phones
  • Handling media questions related to suspected abuse in the home of a child who rides a church bus
  • A Christian school’s management of a student fight that resulted in a lawsuit
  • How a pro-life organization may solicit donations in compliance with IRS regulations
  • A church member who recently died, leaving his church a large portion of his estate, and the church member’s son is contesting the will
  • A homeschool family faced with having their daughter’s disability benefits discontinued
  • Churches needing to update bylaws and facility use policies
  • Parents who threatened to sue the church daycare where their child was enrolled after the daycare terminated the child’s enrollment for significant behavior problems
  • Handling a situation where a background check of a church childcare worker came back with a significant criminal history

Every day, we receive calls and emails from pastors, ministry leaders, parents, and concerned citizens regarding these types of issues and many more. It is your continued prayers and financial support that allow us to help those who need us. We consider it a privilege and an honor to do what we do every day—advancing the Kingdom of God by protecting the constitutional liberties of all Americans and by helping churches and other Bible-believing ministries get and stay on strong legal footing.

This Christmas season, we want you to know how thankful we are for your support. Thank you for the gift of your confidence in us and for believing in what we are called by God to do. We don’t take that for granted. And as you end the year 2015, we pray God’s blessing upon you, your family, and your ministry.