April Ministry Update

The month of April has been a busy month, as David Gibbs III and Pastor Rudy Holland have traveled to eight different locations presenting Church Legal-Health Seminars. Our desire is for these seminars to equip churches to protect themselves for maximum ministry opportunity with minimum liability. With all of the changes in the laws on both the federal and state level, churches need to be more vigilant than ever in safeguarding against openings that leave their ministries vulnerable to attack.

The goal of the Church Legal-Health Seminars is to guide church leaders, lay leaders, and Christian attorneys in developing right practices and procedures to safeguard their ministries from attack. Seminar topics include: Church Position on Biblical Marriage and Sexuality, Church Emergency Response Preparedness, Child Safety Procedures and Policies, Plagiarism and Copyright in Ministry, Financial Integrity, Tax Exemption, Protecting Ministry Assets, and Critical Ministry Documents. Each of these topics represents an area of opportunity for churches to minimize their liability for the sake of maximizing their effectiveness to minister the Gospel in their communities.

If you were unable to attend a seminar in April, please mark your calendars for one of the following dates. We are offering nine more seminar dates this summer and fall. Simply visit ncll.org/upcoming-seminars to register. Locations include:

  • June 20 – Southern California
  • June 23 – Raleigh, NC
  • September 29 – Denver, CO
  • October 4 – Ft. Worth, TX
  • October 20 – Tampa, FL
  • October 21 – Jacksonville, FL
  • October 24 – Birmingham, AL
  • October 25 – Atlanta, GA
  • October 27 – Spartanburg, SC

We ask for your prayers for protection as we travel and for His presence as we encourage church leaders to be vigilant. In addition to the seminars, our attorneys have been working diligently with organizations and individuals in several complex and emotionally charged situations around the country.

Below are two prayer requests and a praise we would ask you to remember before the Lord in the coming month as we look for God’s will to be done in these particular situations:

  • Pray for an Illinois high school teacher who was terminated for discussing the biblical view of homosexuality with members of a school program called the “Gay Club.” This group forced the teacher out of her job for speaking her beliefs outside the classroom.
  • Pray for a young man in Georgia who, though still responsive, is being placed in hospice against the will of his guardian mother.
  • Praise the Lord that NCLL attorneys were able to assist a Florida church in appropriately handling the situation when a transgender child started to ride the church bus. Our desire is always to see God’s love shown as we point others to Christ while protecting the “least of these.”

As we continue to represent individuals and ministries all around the country, we are thankful for you, our supporters, who make fighting for religious liberty possible. Your continued support and confidence in the ministry of the NCLL is not taken for granted. 

If it is wrong, fight it. If it is right, fight for it!