June 2016 Ministry Update

The National Center for Life and Liberty has been hard at work in the month of June defending the religious liberties of numerous individuals, churches, and ministries. Those seeking to erase the name of God from the public square and punish Christians who stand up for their Christian beliefs are increasingly aggressive, and our imperative is to advocate on their behalf.

From Christian bakers refusing to make a cake for a same-sex “union” to Christian schools who don’t want boys in girls’ restrooms, our liberties are under assault. At the NCLL, we believe God gives every believer the right to obey Him, and we believe no man can take that right away—it’s an unalienable right. In other words, the state can’t remove what it never granted in the first place. 

To protect these God-given rights, some of our efforts this month included:

  • Attorney David Gibbs III spoke at the Montecito Baptist Church Pastor’s Conference in Ontario, CA, on June 6-7, where he addressed some ninety pastors in attendance. 
  • Gibbs also spoke to Ambassador Baptist Church in Frederick, MD, during their Liberty Sunday on the topic of “Assaults on Christian Liberty.”
  • Gibbs led a legal seminar on June 20th in El Centro, CA, and on June 23rd in Cary, NC.
  • Rudy Holland hosted a booth for NCLL at the North Carolina Free Will Baptist State Meeting in Greensboro, NC, on June 6-7.
  • We are deeply thankful for the opportunity to help dozens of Christian schools and hundreds of churches update their policies and handbooks to avoid being forced to admit LGBT students.

We covet your prayers for NCLL’s ongoing efforts in assisting with the following:

  • A group-home worker who has been instructed to assist in providing intimacy opportunities for residents, which is against her Christian convictions
  • A Christian police officer who was disciplined for refusing to participate in a gay pride parade 
  • Private wedding venues and businesses that are having to shut down or face penalties for not serving homosexual and lesbian couples
  • Public school teachers seeking to leave the NEA and affiliate with Christian teacher organizations
  • A church that sponsored a local sports team for youth that was denied the opportunity to display Scripture verses on their jerseys, although secular sponsors are permitted to advertise on jerseys
  • Churches and ministries seeking to responsibly comply with new federal regulations for overtime pay