August 2016 Monthly Update

Thank you for your unwavering support of the National Center for Life and Liberty. As part of our ongoing efforts to defend the sanctity of human life, we’ve recently filed an amicus brief with the Florida Supreme Court. This brief defends a Florida law, known as the Informed Patient Consent Law, requiring a 24-hour waiting period before any abortion.

The case in question is Gainesville Woman Care v. State of Florida, in which the abortion lobby is asserting that the 24-hour waiting period should be removed from the law, reasoning that Florida law places greater restrictions on abortion than federal law.

Our brief—filed on behalf of Concerned Women for America and the National Legal Foundation—points out that Florida law favors childbirth and tolerates abortion only as required by the United States Supreme Court, and that Florida law has always considered an unborn child to be a person. As NCLL president David Gibbs III noted:

Abortion always takes the life of an innocent human being, and the procedure itself can have enormous mental and physical consequences for the mother. A 24-hour waiting period is a reasonable restriction on abortion, not only to protect the unborn, unique person in the womb but also to give the mother time to consider her decision without undue pressure from abortion providers.

The NCLL is also aiding a crisis pregnancy center (CPC) that’s under attack. CPCs are invaluable to the pro-life movement, providing free counseling and biblical guidance to pregnant women and mothers of infants.

In addition to praying for the NCLL regarding the two issues above, we ask that you also please pray for our work on the matters below:

  • A North Carolina church whose local government is attempting to force the removal of the church’s signs, violating its constitutional rights 
  • A pastor promoting local ordinances to curtail offensive public activities from the homosexual and transgender community in his town 
  • A Christian student who was prevented from including a stone in her school’s garden because she painted a cross and a Bible on it (the NCLL is working with the school district to reverse this decision)
  • A church that’s urging its local school district to protect the safety and privacy of children by treating transgender restroom usage on a case-by-case basis instead of implementing a carte blanche policy that would allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice

Finally, please join us in giving thanks to the Lord that He recently enabled the NCLL to:

  • Set up a church’s work program for troubled teens
  • Assist homeschool families in the Northeast who are experiencing discrimination in college admissions
  • Assist a military veteran who’s been denied his constitutional rights

Once again, we are so grateful that you make our work possible by supporting us with your prayers and your resources, allowing us to continue defending the sanctity of human life and the liberties that enable us to serve and worship God freely.