September 2016 Ministry Update

Thank you for standing with us as we continue to defend religious liberties nationwide.

Often this battle begins not at the federal level but in the states. One such example is in Pennsylvania, where the LGBT lobby is hard at work promoting “The Bathroom Bill” (SB 1306). In truth, this bill involves much more than just bathrooms. Specifically, it would make it illegal for:

  1. Christian schools to hire employees based on the schools’ core values and teachings
  2. Christian camps to require that their employees agree with the camps’ religious beliefs
  3. Churches to require their employees to believe and follow biblical teachings
  4. Camps and churches to maintain sex-specific locker rooms and shower facilities for their employees

Clearly, the ultimate objective of this bill is to undermine Christian organizations—churches, schools, and camps—forcing them to hire employees who disagree with their beliefs.

Moreover, fines would be levied on Christian organizations trying to quietly live out their faith, not to mention endangering children and women to predators in bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers.

Perhaps most importantly from a legal perspective, Pennsylvania’s SB 1306 elevates “sexual orientation, gender identity or expression” to the same level of protection under the law given to race, gender, and religion. As one African American gentleman opposing this law so poignantly testified before the senate committee: "The color of my skin is not a feeling or desire. It is not something I can choose to act on or not act on. I simply am black.”

If you live in Pennsylvania, please write or call your state senator and state representative and respectfully but firmly tell them that you OPPOSE SB 1306 because it undermines your religious freedom and privacy rights and fundamentally changes the law to equate sexual preference with race and religion.

In addition to praying for the situation in Pennsylvania, we ask you to pray for our efforts in the following:

  • An after-school club seeking to continue its Bible-based program in a public school where this group is now being denied equal access
  • A church being sued by the EEOC for firing a pregnant (single) employee who violated the church’s standard of conduct, which includes sexual purity
  • An individual being confronted by police for witnessing on a public sidewalk
  • A church facing litigation due to the death of a member of its youth group
  • A church in Texas experiencing legal challenges due to the lease for its worship facility
  • A homeschool family whose son wants to participate in public school sports
  • Pastors who are being prevented from ministering in prisons unless they agree not to preach about homosexuality
  • Several of our NCLL attorneys presenting seminars on legal issues facing pastors and churches
  • Christian schools facing very difficult choices in their admissions policies
  • A homeschool graduate who is being told that she either has to get a GED or lose her job
  • State legislation designed to protect private Christian boarding schools from state regulation

We also ask that you join with us in praising the Lord for success in assisting:

  • A church providing support for an overseas missionary
  • A church dealing with a transgender attendee using the wrong restroom on church property
  • A church resolving a sign conflict with the city
  • A college student resolving an issue with a professor who was not permitting religion to be discussed by students in class
  • Biblical counselors in several states in ensuring their ministries are legal
  • A ministry in keeping its food distribution program legal
  • Two churches who were able to execute a successful and legal merger

Thank you for standing with the NCLL as we defend and advocate for those who simply want the freedom to exercise their faith and live according to their Christian convictions in this post-Christian culture.