May 2017 Ministry Update

We live at a time when many Biblical churches find themselves at odds with the culture, even church culture. Churches are increasingly being asked to compromise their Biblical principles and alter their messages to suit the broader culture.

Last year, for example, the mayor of Houston wanted to review pastors’ sermons to ensure they were not offending the community or hurting anyone’s feelings. Efforts like these are not only attempts to dilute the Gospel, but to distort and diminish the absolute truths found in God’s word.

Another example is a ministry The National Center for Life and Liberty is currently defending. They’ve been removed from the Amazon Smile program because of their Christian beliefs. The Amazon Smile program should allow any reputable nonprofit to be involved, but Amazon is now policing organizations and apparently censoring those with Biblical beliefs.

Much like Amazon, Google’s advertising program is blocking a Christian company in Florida that creates websites for churches, preventing the churches from participating in the largest web-based advertising program available. Much like Amazon, Google is policing these Christian ministries and deciding which nonprofits to allow, censoring those with Christian content.

Just like a corporation couldn’t refuse to allow a pro-abortion industry to advertise, the same should be true for Christian organizations, especially considering these were not donations by Amazon and Google, they were services denied to paying customers.

As churches and other ministries now find themselves victims of these new cultural norms that seek to squelch their religious freedoms and punish them for their beliefs, the National Center for Life and Liberty will fight for their rights. but we need your prayers.

Some of the things we ask you to pray for are:

  • A pastor whose Bible-based devotionals, read by several thousand followers, were suspended from Facebook. Internet companies are becoming increasingly hostile regarding religion and religious organizations, particularly those that continue to hold to a Biblical definition of marriage. 
  • A positive outcome for a church that has a copyright matter regarding a church website. NCLL attorneys regularly educate churches regarding copyright procedures.
  • A ministry that is dealing with an EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) complaint filed by a former employee who was not doing her job.
  • Our NCLL attorneys as we make new government contacts. The NCLL is blessed to work with high-ranking government officials across the nation.
  • A church in Colorado being harassed for a non-existent debt. The NCLL is assisting this church with the debt collection company.
  • A mother coming out of the homosexual lifestyle, who now has a custody issues because of a former lesbian relationship. As the culture conflicts with Biblical values, NCLL is fighting for families.
  • Pray for a pastor who is being harassed by the state for offering pastoral counseling. The NCLL fights for Biblical Christian counselors and pastors.
  • A church as NCLL attorneys work to resolve IRS employment tax matters. The NCLL has an Enrolled Agent who is enrolled to practice before the IRS. 
  • Pray for a growing church in Kentucky that is making a difference in its community and is looking to build a new church. The NCLL is assisting with zoning issues.

Thank you for your loyal support and faithful prayers for the NCLL as we daily strive to fulfill our mantra, "If it's wrong, fight it. If it's right, fight for it."