September 2017 Ministry Update

Please keep praying for our legal efforts on behalf of D. James Kennedy Ministries (DJK Ministries), which has been unjustly attacked by powerful, wealthy interests for professing Christian beliefs. 

Former civil rights group the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) used to pour its energy into reforms that we would for the most part all support. Tragically, it has refashioned itself and its mission. 

Over the last year and a half, the SPLC has publicly, unapologetically, and persistently slandered DJK Ministries, which faithfully preached Christian doctrine for over forty years, as a "hate group" and equated the highly respected teaching ministry with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

Last month the National Center for Life and Liberty (NCLL) drew a line in the sand. The NCLL filed a federal suit on behalf of DJK Ministries against the SPLC and its conspirator: As we seek to restore DJK Ministries' community standing, a cadre of powerful lawyers has descended on Montgomery, Alabama, in an attempt to make the lawsuit go away. 


We take this fight seriously. The SPLC has amassed a $300 million war chest for its leftist crusade. And it uses its $50 million annual operating budget to systematically tear down Christian organizations who disagree with its unbiblical view of sexuality.. 

And yet, as the NCLL seeks remedies for acts of religious discrimination, defamation, and trademark violation, we have no fear. "Clearly, SPLC intended to damage the reputation of D. James Kennedy Ministries by claiming falsehoods about their purpose and activities" contended NCLL president Attorney David Gibbs III. 

In a parallel move to burnish its own reputation in the eyes of the public, the SPLC is spending millions in an attempt to redefine the concept of "equality" in the minds of Americans using high-profile actors and actresses, athletes, musicians, and other celebrities. 

NCLL litigation attorney Scott Miller observed the SPLC's glaring double-standard. "The SPLC demands so-called 'tolerance' while using inflammatory language to describe faithful Christians." 
At stake is Christians' ability to reach the culture through popular communication tools like Google products (YouTube, Gmail, Search, Maps), Facebook (Instagram, Messenger, etc.), and other media.

Even more troubling, the SPLC and its Hate Map were referenced as a source of incitement by unstable individuals, one firing gunshots in the lobby of the Family Research Council and the other firing at members of Congress in a Virginia ballfield. 
In addition to our efforts in federal court for DJK Ministries, we humbly request you join us in prayer for a host of other needs.



  • Pray as NCLL attorneys assist a condo resident in Florida who has been told he cannot have a Bible study in the condo's common areas. having difficulty seeking a new pastor. 

  • Pray for a church in Virginia that is having difficulty seeking a new pastor.
  • Pray for a father who is standing up healthcare providers for the life of his son with a traumatic brain injury. 
  • Pray for several ministries unfairly labeled as hate groups and the NCLL as we represent them. 
  • Pray for a family defrauded by an adoption scam. 
  • Pray for a church whose former members are raising questions regarding some changes in the church bylaws. 
  • Pray for a church with a million-dollar ministry expansion in which the contractor took the money without paying subcontractors. The NCLL is assisting this church caught in litigation.
  • Pray that God would provide wisdom and guidance to a church the NCLL is helping navigate through a difficult pastoral transition.
  • Pray for a church that is being denied the right to display a directional sign near its property, even though the sign falls within the city's sign ordinance restrictions. The NCLL is in contact with the city zoning office and is working to defend this church's right to lawfully direct people to the church.
  • Pray for a pastor and his church after the pastor discovered that a minor in his ministry had been molesting other children. The pastor immediately reported the situation to the proper authorities, but this situation weighs very heavily on his heart and the hearts of those in his congregation. The NCLL strongly encourages churches to maintain a zero-tolerance policy toward the abuse of children and has a number of sample child protection policies and procedures  available for churches. 
  • Pray for a church concerned with security breaches that is developing a safety plan for its congregation, including allowing concealed weapons permit holders to carry on the property. The NCLL is assisting this church to develop several policies regarding emergency response and safety issues. 
  • Pray for a church the NCLL is helping start a "Mother's Day Out" program. The NCLL is researching applicable local and state regulations and is helping them develop a staff handbook and appropriate child protection policies. 
  • Pray for a Christian public school teacher in California who is being harassed by her school administrator. 
  • Pray for a Christian counselor in Georgia who contacted the NCLL regarding what records can be released.

  • Praise the Lord that Texas just passed a law making it more difficult for health care providers to initiate a "Do Not Resuscitate" (DNR) order on a patient who has experienced cardiac or respirator arrest without knowing the patient's wishes on the matter. This law protects the right of patients and their designated health care agents to determine when a DNR order is in the best interest of the patient rather than allowing that decision to lie solely in the hands of the doctor or health care provider.
  • Praise the Lord that NCLL attorneys were able to resolve a conflict in Florida between a church and its former pastor.
Thank you for joining in prayer with the National Center for Life and Liberty. Your ongoing spiritual, civic, and financial support advances our most fundamental freedoms.