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Many churches and schools have asked the NCLL how they might handle COVID-19 testing without sending church members or students to the local health department or testing center. To assist with this concern, we have partnered with a medical supply company to provide COVID-19 rapid tests available for purchase by your church or school. These self-administered tests are for research purposes only, are not read by a lab, and do not provide certified results. If you would like official lab-certified results, please contact our office for more information.

These rapid tests are specifically designed to give churches and schools freedom to provide their own testing solution. These tests are currently in the process of EUA certification and FDA approval. They are not intended to replace official lab tested results. The tests cost $17 a piece and can purchased in a box of twenty from ncll.org/COVID-19/test.

We have received questions about the legality of administering this test within your ministry. As mentioned above, this is a self-administered test. If you have a school, your school nurse may administer the test with the verbal approval of a parent. This information would then be provided to the parent. If a child is positive for COVID-19, the school’s COVID-19 policies and procedures should then be followed. If your school does not have a nurse, the test may be provided to the parent to administer at home. The parent should then provide the results to the school. If your school plans to administer the test per your school nurse, contact us for a sample permission and release form.

If you are a church, you should provide tests as “do-it-yourself,” not administered by a church staff member. You can supply the test to a church member or staff member to self-administer at home and provide results back to the church. Whether the individual is positive or negative, the church’s COVID-19 policies and procedures would need to be followed.

If you decide to utilize these rapid tests, you need to update your COVID-19 policies to reflect the availability of the tests. As with all COVID-19 situations, scenarios vary from church to church, school to school, and state to state. Please contact our office at info@ncll.org or by phone at 888-233-6255 for more information regarding these tests and how to implement.