Watch local news story about NCLL lawyers fighting in U.S. District Court for the First Amendment rights of Florida law enforcement veteran, Kevin Fiedor. The arson investigator was unfairly investigated, punished, and demoted for his Christian beliefs.

While the state tried to get the suit dismissed, the core issue of Capt. Fiedor’s religious liberty is being debated now in federal court.

Investigative reporter, Brendan Kirby of Fox 10, WALA spoke to NCLL CFO Jonathan Bailie who shared that as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others, “as American citizens, we have the right to religious freedom and expression... whether you’re in a public workplace or in a public area.”

While there’s more to the case than what can be conveyed in a short, objective news story, you should read and watch what’s at stake in this federal case over religious liberty.

Please continue to pray for justice for Capt. Fiedor and millions of Americans potentially affected by this case.