Attorney Barbara J. Weller


Barbara WellerBarbara Weller has been an attorney with Gibbs Law Firm since 1995. She graduated from Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where she served as Editor-in-Chief of the Regent Law Review and published a student article, “Bursting the Bubble Zone,” dealing with legal issues surrounding abortion demonstrations and sidewalk counseling.

Before attending law school, Barb was a founding member in 1984 of a pro-life group called Friends for Life, which was affiliated with the National Right to Life movement. In that capacity, she assisted in the publication of several articles and books, including Affirming Life, a book that traced the history of abortion and predicted that euthanasia would be the next major life issue facing America.

Atty. Weller served as second chair with Attorney David Gibbs III during the fight in 2005 to save the life of Terri Schiavo, the 41-year-old Florida woman whose husband went to court to have his disabled wife’s feeding tube removed, causing her death. Barbara spent many hours with Terri in her hospice room and assisted Atty. Gibbs both in court and in the media as they attempted to provide the public with information about Terri’s true condition. Terri’s feeding tube was ultimately removed and she died 2 weeks later. Weller later assisted Attorney Gibbs with the writing of Fighting For Dear Life, a book about the Schiavo case and about the issues of euthanasia and end of life planning. She also assisted Mr. Gibbs with an article on the Schiavo case for the Stetson Law Review in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Atty. Weller is now serving as the Executive Director of the Center for Defending Life of the National Center for Life and Liberty. This Center will continue the legal fight to protect the “least of these” (see Matthew 24:40)---those who are hidden away in the womb or in nursing homes and hospitals across America and who are considered expendable by society because they are disabled, old or inconvenient.