Since the day he decided law would be his profession, David Gibbs III knew he wanted to be a legal missionary. His passion was to help the defenseless—to stand up for those without the ability to stand up for themselves and defend their rights against bullying from governments and other institutions. He didn’t set out to do this late in life as a way to “give back” after a lucrative legal career; he wanted to do it from the start. And he’s now been fighting for the cause of religious liberty for more than 25 years.

In 2012 David was burdened to create an organization that would expand the impact he’d been able to make personally up to that point in his career. His motivation came about in large part as a result of his involvement in the Terri Schiavo case in the mid-2000s, as he recognized that such battles were larger than most individual’s ability to fight them. He wanted to establish an organization that would be equipped to carry on that fight—and so the NCLL was born.

With over a dozen legal professionals, the NCLL has argued several major cases that have defined the religious liberty landscape in America. The NCLL is well-equipped to assist more than 3,000 churches in a given year, with over 200 active cases at any given time.

We’re thankful for the opportunity to serve the Church as we assist and protect those proclaiming the Gospel in their communities. And as we continue to expand our ability to help more and more churches, we desire to partner with your ministry in the advancement of your mission. Please contact us for more information.