A key responsibility of parents, overlooked by most, is the idea of preparation for the unexpected—specifically the fate of your minor children should you and your spouse meet an untimely and tragic death.

On a weekly basis, probate courts in every county in the nation deal with cases of people who passed away without leaving behind instructions regarding their family members’ care and taking the appropriate legal steps to ensure that their wishes are enforced. This can mean significant financial assets are needlessly absorbed by the tax system, but the more important result is that the guardianship of children is often unresolved and left up to the courts.

Preparing a last will and testament is one of those tasks that often seems either unnecessary (because you’re young and think you have plenty of time) or unworkable (because it takes a lawyer to do it right and you think it will cost way too much money). Neither assumption is true.

Our mission includes helping families, and that includes preparing for these kinds of unforeseen situations. We can guide you through the process of securing your estate so that your children will be provided for as you see fit, even if you’re no longer on the scene. Not only that, but you’ll set an example that is seen by your children and possibly carried on for future generations.