Your primary goal regarding the children in your home is to prepare them to leave.

Far too many young people in today’s society enter what we consider “adulthood” with little or no preparation. They don’t have the basic skills needed to secure and maintain a job, take care of their own households, or even communicate with other adults in a personal setting without texting or social media.

Most importantly, they’re entering adulthood without a proper concept of right and wrong. Our prison system is filled with examples of this, and the number increases daily.

A fundamental responsibility of moms and dads is to train their children. But this role has been usurped by the government in some cases, and parents who try to do what they think is right are often hindered legally from doing so.

“Discipline” is not a dirty word when administered appropriately. We would never condone the abuse of children, but we’re staunch supporters of the right of parents to train and discipline their children in a biblical way.