UPDATE: The trial went well with the judge hearing testimony from both sides. It was clear that God gave great success to Attorney Gibbs III and Attorney Scott Miller. A hearing has been set for October with a potential ruling before the end of the year. Please continue to pray with us that God will give us success ensuring government employees in Florida maintain their right to the freedom of religious expression.

Our trial over the constitutional and civil rights of veteran law enforcement officer Captain Kevin Fiedor being violated is adjourned. So now, we wait and pray.

Please continue to pray for: Favor from the court, justice for Capt. Fiedor and for millions of Americans who will be affected by the outcomes of this case, and God’s provision.

In closing arguments, the Department of Financial Services (DFS) doubled down on their false claims they had/have no policy prohibiting religious expression in the workplace.

Please pray the case will be decided on the evidence: DFS has a policy in fact, and they investigated, punished, and made an example of Capt. Fiedor because of his faith in Jesus Christ, and he legally deserves relief from the defendants—including his rights restored.

I’m grateful for your for standing with me and please keep praying. We will update you as we receive any additional information from the court.