In another assault on truth and personal freedom, the California State Senate passed legislation to muzzle professionals and ban books that would help gender-dysphoric and same-sex attracted adults.

On August 17, before adjourning for the weekend, senators passed the anti-freedom legislation by a more than two-to-one ratio (25-11). The California Assembly will likely approve AB 2943, as amended in the Senate, and send it to the governor to sign into law in the next few days.

The absurdity of the legislature’s thinking would be laughable if not so damaging to the residents it oppresses. A majority of California’s leaders defy logic, scientific evidence, and God’s Word by claiming that biological gender is fluid while sexual attraction is immutable and that paid professionals and written materials that contradict those faulty claims are fraudulent!

Please pray this blatantly unconstitutional legislation that violates the First Amendment, common sense, and the Bible gets overturned on the grounds of its illegal premise.

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