Six-year-old James Younger is a victim of today’s celebration of transgender ideology in the culture, the courts, and the classroom.  

Less than a decade ago, a majority of judicial, medical, and counseling professionals would have considered the actions of his Dallas-area mother as child abuse against her first-grade son.

Pediatrician Anne Georgulas dresses her son James in girl’s clothing and presents him to his teachers and classmates as a girl named “Luna.” James uses the girls’ restroom and wears makeup at school. In court documents, Dr. Georgulas asserts her son is a “gender expansive or transgender child.”

By all accounts, James gladly dresses as a boy at his father, Jeff’s, home and whenever given the choice. James calls himself a boy and acts like a boy as he plays with male peers outside of his mother’s or teachers’ influence.

The court has ruled that James be evaluated/assessed by a clinical psychologist of Dr. Georgulas choice to determine the “circumstances regarding gender identity.” James must also continue going to Dallas Rainbow Counseling for “individual therapy” with a licensed clinical social worker who refers to herself as “a published author and therapist who specializes in work with LGBT individuals, couples, families & youth.” James’s parents must “participate in individual therapy” and take him to therapy “as requested” by the social worker.

Dr. Georgulas has also reportedly enrolled James in the “GENECIS” program at Children’s Health to begin preparing to “transition” against Jeff’s wishes. As described on their site, “GENder Education and Care Interdisciplinary Support provides healthcare services to gender diverse youth using a gender affirmative model of care.”

There is grave concern that unless the court protects James, once he turns eight, Dr. Georgulas will force her son to undergo hormone “therapy” that will render him chemically castrated before being surgically mutilated at a later age in the name of “reassignment.”

Until then, Jeff has been ordered by the court to refrain from any “effort to persuade” James he’s a boy, including teaching him biblical truth about God’s design. The court also ordered James’s hair must “be worn in a manner that is normal for both a six year old boy and girl,” which has remained an issue of contention.

In order to hide James’s masculinity, Dr. Georgulas has petitioned the court to have Jeff’s parental rights severely limited—most recently through a restraining order. She requested the court prevent him from being within 500 feet of James’s school, “having any contact” with “any third party related to the school (parents, students, teachers, administrators, etc.),” or telling any of them that James is a boy and that his name isn’t “Luna.”

To the credit of Judge Scott Beauchamp of the 255th Judicial Family District Court in Dallas County, he declined to force a blanket restriction on Jeff from calling his son “James or using male pronouns . . . outside of the home.”

Please pray for James and Jeff both as they go through this ordeal. Judge Beauchamp has an opportunity to save this young boy from irreversible physical and mental abuse. May the Lord have mercy on this father and son and prompt others to speak out on their behalf. “Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction” (Proverbs 31:8).

NOT a choice.