State legislators in Kentucky, Georgia, and Texas are moving to ban puberty blockers from being given to minors in the wake of the James Younger case. Please pray other states will follow suit in protecting children and their developing minds and bodies from radical medical experimentation and abuse.

All during the previous school year, Dr. Anne Georgulas, James’s legal mother, dressed her now seven-year-old son as a girl and presented him as “Luna” to his classmates and her friends. She has openly communicated her desire to begin chemical sterilization efforts when he turns eight. James’s father, Jeffrey Younger, had been restricted from any medical or psychological decision-making by the courts.

Thankfully, federal and state elected officials brought national attention to the shameful jury decision that would have given Dr. Georgulas sole custody of James. In the aftermath of the national (and international) scrutiny, Judge Kim Cooks granted joint managing conservatorship to both parents—allowing Jeffrey to finally have a say in James’s medical and psychological care.

After Judge Cooks decision, James chose to start attending school dressed as a boy and using his given legal name. Thanks be to God. Yet while we celebrate the momentary reprieve for James, the case is far from settled. Dr. Georgulas has filed to have Judge Cooks recused from the case claiming she was biased in her decision and revealed her bias through social media.

Please continue to pray for James for protection and healing from this confusing and chaotic trauma. Pray he will not be oppressed by his mother, counselors, courts, and others who have blindly pursued and perpetrated abuse on this young boy under the scientifically PROVABLY FALSE notion of his being “transgender” and needing to “transition” to his “true gender identity.”