Whether your child, grandchild or other favorite student learns at home, at a private institution, or a public school—this year presents special challenges and opportunities.

The sustained educational and cultural assault on the first words of the Bible, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1) attempts to undermine the faith of another generation.

In the face of increased pressure, your partnership with the NCLL helps equip and defend parents and churches—and prepare youth to remain grounded in their faith and share the Gospel.

One encouraging development: Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana and Tennessee recently adopted laws requiring schools to display “In God We Trust.” Alabama and Arizona passed similar legislation into law explicitly allowing the national motto in schools.

Mixed (Up) Outcomes

While the current administration rescinded an executive order requiring transgender access to school restrooms and lockers, the issue remains unsettled. America’s rising generation faces a different level of awareness and “celebration” of homosexual and transgender “rights” from their peers and educators.

Several federal courts, impacting multiple states, have mis-interpreted elements of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The contra-constitutional rulings dictate gender dysphoric students must have access to undress and relieve themselves in the presence of opposite-sex students (with no regard to religious accommodations.) Many schools in those states have already built, or redesigned, their restrooms as a result.

Even if students don’t have to deal directly with using a “gender-neutral” restroom or locker room, most have peers who have been exposed to the issues of gender fluidity or homosexuality. Despite the “safe-space” movement in higher education, we cannot protect Christian children from every worldly influence.

Faithful Leaders

With the spike in teachers, administrators, and (in particular) coaches being illegally bullied and harassed into hiding their faith, they need your prayers too. Together, we fight to uphold their First Amendment rights as firmly established in the Free Exercise clause.  

Thank you for your investment in the faithful generations standing in the gap for future generations. They need our clear call for wisdom—as they find their way in an increasingly complex culture.

Please join us in praying earnestly for these clear needs.


  • Religious Liberty: Pray that an employer in Ohio (who revoked a religious accommodation made to one of their employees) responds favorably. Our legal team prepared materials informing the employer of their employee’s Constitutionally protected rights.  The NCLL regularly addresses religious issues brought by Christian employees of private companies and government agencies. Your support helps educate employers and defend employees quickly, should mediation or litigation become necessary.
  • Right to Life: Pray for a young lady who was run over while working, leaving her paralyzed and in need of long-term care.  The NCLL is honored to work with special needs situations and coordinate with church pastors and families in matters involving the preservation of life.
  • Church Reconciliation: Pray for a church in North Carolina that is being sued by former members.  While the NCLL stands with the church in defense of this lawsuit, it is our prayer that these former members would end this open conflict and address their issues within the church in accordance with 1 Corinthians 6.  Our legal team offers advice to church and ministry leadership facing issues within their organizations. We often help mediate conflicts before parties turn to secular courts.
  • Ministry Protection: Pray for a church and Christian school in Pennsylvania that are at risk of losing their buildings in a tax sale. The taxing authorities are not properly recognizing them as exempt.  The NCLL is working with the government entities to ensure proper recognition of their tax-exempt status before a sale occurs.  Our experienced legal team is uniquely equipped to handle a broad range of issues specific to non-profits, including churches and Christian ministries.

As the school year unfolds, pray for the students, their teachers, coaches and administrators, the parents and siblings, and the local church leaders who all influence the thinking of this rising generation. Please pray for a renewed clarity in the hearts and minds of millions of young people in need of a saving faith in their Redeemer.

Please also remember the sacrifices of our nation in the wake of the 17th anniversary of the attacks on September 11, 2001.