The Indiana Governor’s office has put new requirements for COVID-19 into place. After reviewing the mandate and confirming with the Governor’s office, the orders state that religious facilities are not subject to executive order 20-48 and the exemption language still applies.

Live or in-person religious services, including wedding ceremonies and funeral services, are not subject to limits on social gatherings as set forth in this Executive Order. However, social distancing and other sanitation measures apply, meaning individuals or households must be spaced at least six feet apart from any other individual or household. The wearing of face coverings is also strongly encouraged. Wedding receptions and visitations before or after funerals remain subject to the limitations and restrictions for social gatherings as set forth in this Executive Order.

At this time, this executive order does not require any changes by churches other than the order does re-emphasize the mask mandate. If you have any questions about this update or would like to discuss how this order affects your church or ministry, please contact us at 888-233-6255 or by email at