Thank you for your prayerful support and interest in the NCLL. Please join me in giving thanks for God’s protection and provision over the last FIVE years. Launched in January 2013, the NCLL has been used by God to help promote, defend, and restore our first and most precious right—LIFE!

The prayers and generous finanacial support of ministry partners like you have advanced liberty for churches, schools, and families in countless battles in the courtroom, legislatures, and executive mansions. In just the last year, you’ve partnered with us in:

  • Calling out powerful groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and for their war against Christians. Our lawsuit demands a legal end to their slander and defamation against Christian organizations as supposed “hate groups” just for believing the Bible. Your close partnership in 2018—through prayer and financial gifts—is crucial to winning this battle.
  • Training thousands of churches to achieve maximum ministry with minimum liability. NCLL seminars and materials help equip, encourage, and empower churches and ministries to withstand or prevent legal, financial, and relational attacks and missteps. Your support this year helps prepare and protect God’s people from external attacks, government inquiries and IRS audits, and internal church disputes.
  • Additionally, in 2017, friends of the NCLL helped defend Christian rights in various workplaces across the nation. As the threat grows from the assault on the fundamental ability of believers to simply earn a living, our response as brothers and sisters in Christ requires prayerful legal and legislative effort.
  • Last year saw several twists and turns in our effort to defend prayer in the name of Jesus before the appellate courts of our nation. We expect the US Supreme Court to take up the issue this year. As we weigh in on behalf of Rowan County, North Carolina, and Christians serving in legislative bodies across the nation, please pray for broad financial and spiritual partnership from many faithful friends to stand together on this issue.
  • This year we helped hundreds of churches update their bylaws. In addition, we helped new church plants launch and legally structure in such a way that they will not just survive but thrive.

Our nation’s hope isn’t in a courtroom, a statehouse, or even the White House. It is in the house of God, His Church! As we thank God for His faithfulness in 2017 and seek His wisdom, provision, and protection for this new year, please join me in praying for this month’s special prayer needs, as well.


  • Pray for a church in need of roof repairs caused by Hurricane Irma. The church is having difficulty with city officials who are refusing to issue the necessary repair permits. NCLL attorneys have contacted the city and are working toward obtaining the needed permits.
  • Pray for two churches that are merging. Mergers involve a number of legal considerations with which the NCLL can assist, including transitioning assets, discussing best options, and then relaunching the churches as one.
  • Pray for a pastor who is starting an international orphanage. The NCLL is assisting this pastor and the new ministry with incorporating the ministry, obtaining various tax exemptions, and other legal paperwork.
  • Pray for a Christian school that had a school bus hit black ice and crash, causing the bus to catch on fire. Praise the Lord that all are safe, and pray for the school and the NCLL as we work through insurance and other legal issues resulting from the incident.

Thank you again for your prayerful partnership in defending life and liberty!