Watch Attorney David Gibbs III speak out against Netflix and its production partner for reportedly misusing its platform to mislead and slander vulnerable individuals for profit and viewership.

Plaintiffs contend they were “duped into participating in a salacious reality television program” and portrayed by Netflix as “lazy, crazy hypochondriacs and/or malingerers who were deserving of . . . and have received scorn and abuse.”

Court documents on behalf of the “Afflicted Four” and their loved ones say Netflix and its partner promised to “produce a serious documentary” to “spread awareness of the seriousness of chronic illnesses.”

In studio with Shannon Bream, host of Fox News Channel’s feature Night Court, David debates an Atlanta talk show host about tech giant Netflix purportedly misleading and defaming four individuals suffering from “serious chronic illnesses.”

Netflix has increasingly embraced an agenda that runs counter to the truths of God’s Word, especially in its heavy-handed opposition to protecting life.

Please pray as the NCLL continues to stand up to tech giants, especially in our federal court battle against and the SPLC for their discrimination against and defamation of legacy ministry D. James Kennedy Ministries.