As Christians, we fight for the absolutes of God’s truth—and we have an obligation to point out basic facts in a culture awash in misleading statements. If you cherish the right to life, please read on for the next forty-five seconds.

New York’s recently signed “Reproductive Health Act” is founded on lies. While it claims to “protect” a woman's health, it ELIMINATES a pregnant woman’s explicit legal protection from being killed in a botched abortion. Section 2 removes the crime of “manslaughter in the second degree” (a class C felony) for “commit[ting] upon a female an abortional act which causes HER death” [emphasis added].

In fact, Senate Bill 240 eradicates all abortion-related language from New York’s criminal code. In addition to removing the legal protection from abortion-related manslaughter, now a child can be legally killed in the womb at any age and stage based on the “professional judgement” of a “health care practitioner” (who doesn’t have to be a medical doctor).

Even if a mother wants her child, New York law now provides no protection for the baby if killed through assault or accident. This law destroys all legal protections (and inherent legal value) of the unborn. Please pray for the lives of these defenseless children and their mothers (and share this post with others who will join us in prayer).

S. 240 opens with an obvious lie: “Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures performed in the United States.” Statistically, every abortion ends in the medical fatality of at least half the “patients” going through the “procedure”—it always results in the death of the helpless unborn baby. As you continue to speak the truth in love on issues of life and liberty, know the NCLL stands squarely with you against the culture’s efforts to silence the voice of truth.