As we finish the month of May, the days have seemed to go by quickly, but they’ve also taken their toll on many people. COVID-19 has affected nearly every church, nonprofit, and business across the country. Our office has heard from thousands of churches and individuals as they seek to navigate these uncertain times.

In the past forty-eight hours, there have been some changes in PPP legislation as well as state and local mandates on church gatherings, and I wanted to mention these before the weekend starts.

  1. First, Congress passed a bill that would alter PPP (Payroll Protection Program) rules significantly. Changes would include expanding the initial eight weeks to twenty-four, decreasing the 75% payroll threshold to 60%, and pushing the deadline to rehire workers to December 31, 2020. The bill is now headed to the Senate. The Senate must vote to approve, and the President must sign it for it to become law. These changes are not yet in effect, but we will keep you updated if they are approved.

  2. Baltimore and Howard counties in Maryland, the state of Illinois, forty-seven counties in California, and parts of New York state are now removing restrictions on churches meeting in person, allowing differing levels of in-person gatherings while providing recommendations. This is a significant shift, as we see more and more counties and states removing restrictions. If you're unsure about your state or county, please contact our office for guidance.

Even with the uncertainty of the times, we’re thankful that God is in control and that He’s aware of all that is happening. COVID-19 might have caught our government and health officials off-guard, but it did not surprise Him. Let's continue to be salt and light to the many that are hurting, frustrated, confused, and lonely. There has never been more urgency to our message.

Thank you for your partnership in ministry. We could not serve the many churches across the country without your support.