At the NCLL, we encourage a culture of prevention not of paranoia. We want to encourage all churches and ministries to take the right precautions, use common sense, and take appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of those in your care.

Recommended Precautions for Your Ministry

  1. All congregants, including pastoral staff and greeting teams, should work to maintain physical separation of approximately six feet unless from the same household. Avoid physical contact, including shaking hands.
  2. Announcements and signs should be posted requesting no physical contact and listing appropriate physical separation guidelines.
  3. Anyone who has had a fever should stay home.
  4. All children not in the care of their parents should have their temperature checked prior to admission to nursery or children’s programs.
  5. During church services, anyone displaying cold-like symptoms, including but not limited to coughing, excessive sneezing, or cold chills, should be asked nicely to return home to ensure the health of others.
  6. Congregants should be reminded to wash hands regularly. Hand sanitizer should be made available if possible.
  7. Increase regular cleaning of the facilities, ensuring that disinfectant is being used in critical areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  8. Request that anyone who has traveled overseas recently remain home from services until symptom free for at least fourteen days.
  9. If your church has the capability, livestream services to individuals unable to attend due to health concerns.
  10. Encourage people not to attend public services if they are fearful, elderly, immune compromised, or have a vulnerable pulmonary system.

This is a difficult time for many as they deal with the realities of this pandemic. It is an essential time for us, as the Church, to share the Hope that is in us providing peace that passes all understanding. Our prayers are with each of your ministries as you seek to be salt and light during this time in our country.

Recommended Links

Below are links providing additional information relevant to your ministry.

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COVID-19 Update 4/15/20