David Gibbs III Radio Interview on Family Policy Matters

“Churches that choose to bury their heads and ignore these issues most likely aren't going to survive. They will die out or they will get litigated out of existence. And so if churches want to not just survive into the future but literally thrive, these are key issues that they need to be looking at and working on.”

What are the issues most likely to create legal nightmares for churches in the coming years, and what are the solutions? Listen to NCLL President David Gibbs III and NC Family President John Rustin discuss what Christians can do. “Nothing wrong needs to happen in your church for an allegation to be made. We watch—whether it's a Supreme Court nominee or others—that just an allegation can have such a devastating impact. And so it's very important that churches not just protect against bad actors but also operate in such a way that they can withstand any false accusations.”

Find out how you and your church can safeguard against the ever-changing threats in our culture. Listen to last week’s Family Policy Matters radio show, read a transcript of the show, or find the "NC Family’s Family Policy Matters" podcast on iTunes or your podcast app.