Several news outlets have recently noted abortion as the world’s leading cause of death for 2018. In the United States, the most recent data documents nearly one million abortions, a higher loss than the six hundred thirty-five thousand heart disease fatalities and six hundred thousand deaths caused by cancer. Total U.S. deaths in 2016 were 2.77 million (not including abortions). Worldwide, nearly forty-two million babies were aborted (representing nearly one in four pregnancies). Cancer took a fifth of the lives (8.2 million) that abortionists did.

As medicine advances and the truth of the personhood of unborn children becomes more apparent, our opponents continue to erode the concept of verifiable truth and sow confusion in our culture. The National Center for Life and Liberty fights for the absolutes of God’s truth and the constitutional framework our founding fathers established to protect them—especially our rights to life and religious liberty. Thank you for your prayerful support of Christians’ right to proclaim the Gospel and all its implications in America.

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