Strengthen your church’s safety today! Protect your congregation with your complimentary (and newly published) step-by-step guide to securing your church—in ALL circumstances.

In light of horrific recent attacks in public venues, the National Center for Life and Liberty developed this simple, powerful blueprint to help you resolve all the hard questions, including:

What if it had been us?

Would we have been prepared?

How DO we prepare for an attack (and other potentially life-threatening emergencies)?

Access your copy of this critical planning document that incorporates the best, most current safety and security protocols—“CHURCH SAFETY AND SECURITY FAQs”—before a crisis happens.

The media and politicians keep talking about who to blame. This month’s resource will help you develop (or update) a solid, practical plan to protect YOUR church now.

Please act today on behalf of the families entrusting you with their safety. Download your complimentary roadmap to prepare for every kind of emergency.