Planning ahead about medical decisions while you’re still healthy helps bring peace and confidence to your loved ones. As Christians, we need not fear the future. Instead, we should care for family or friends who may have to speak for us if we’re incapacitated.

This complimentary tool reviews the legal and spiritual implications of estate planning—an invaluable gift to the people who love you and want YOUR best in difficult situations.

As laws and technology change, making key health care and end-of-life decisions beforehand can take some of the uncertainty out of an inevitably difficult time. Download your easy-to-understand guide explaining important differences between a living will and a health care power of attorney (POA).

Consider: If you are medically incapacitated and unable to speak for yourself, have you given the people closest to you the legal power to carry out your wishes—even if it contradicts the advice of a particular medical provider or family member?

Please protect yourself, and your loved ones, by downloading your complimentary NCLL End-of-Life Planning Information Guide today!