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Every day, the attorneys and staff at the NCLL deal with legal issues facing Christians, churches, homeschool families, and Bible-believing ministries all across the country. Yet we know full well that many of the issues facing you—and facing us—are not just legal in nature. They are personal. They are spiritual. They are emotional. And because of this, we have made it our mission to help real people with real problems. We believe that if you give people good information, they can make good decisions.

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At no other time in American history have the rights of individual Christians been jeopardized to the degree they are today. Furthermore, churches and other Bible-based ministries are being challenged and sued like never before, and in many of these cases, the ministry’s doctrinal, social, and cultural positions are under attack. This is why it is so important for ministries to articulate in their bylaws their stance on these issues. When those positions have been clearly stated in writing and are made readily available to prospective and current members, the ministry will have a much stronger legal footing to defend itself if it is ever sued on the basis of one of those positions.

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This past week, media attention exploded over two Michigan children whose bodies were found in a freezer where they had been hidden for the past 2 years. Their mother, who murdered them, had kept questions about the children at bay during the last couple of years by claiming they were being homeschooled. After the story broke, and with predictable speed and ready media coverage, Michigan State Representative Stephanie Chang announced legislation that would require homeschool families to submit to meeting with a mandatory child abuse reporter twice a year.

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