A quick note before we head into court this week at the U.S. District Court in Tallahassee, Florida. You and I are fighting for MORE than a brave law enforcement officer. Capt. Kevin Fiedor’s future IS important, but the outcome of this federal court case affects the religious liberty of millions of Americans.

A powerful state government violated a Christian law enforcement officer’s constitutional and civil rights to share his faith with his colleagues. He was investigated, punished, and made an example of . . . just because of his faith in Jesus Christ.

Our fight in court today will help defend an honorable law enforcement officer and, if the Lord wills, confirm the rights of millions of Americans to live out our faith and share our beliefs freely in government offices.

Thanks to God’s grace in all our hard (and costly) work getting to trial, you and I have a priceless opportunity to defend our First Amendment rights in federal court RIGHT NOW.

Please continue to pray for justice for Capt. Fiedor and millions of faithful Americans right now as we’re in court. Together, we’ll defend our constitutional rights to life and liberty!