David Gibbs III on Fox News@Night: First Amendment Flag Fights

Shannon Bream hosted attorneys Alex Swoyer (The Washington Times) and David Gibbs III (The National Center for Life and Liberty) for a lively discussion over two controversial flag displays on Friday’s Night Court segment. One segment revolves around the rights of public servants to express their opinions on government property.

On a related note: THANK YOU for fighting for the First Amendment in more complex cases with farther reaching effects. We’re grateful for your helping defend the religious liberty and free speech rights of persecuted Florida arson investigator, Capt. Kevin Fiedor. Please continue to pray for justice for Capt. Fiedor and the millions of Christians in public service who are affected by his case!

Final note: Ms. Swoyer serves as a Washington Times Legal Affairs Reporter and Mr. Gibbs serves as the NCLL’s President and General Counsel. We hope you enjoy watching their interview with Shannon Bream. Check back with us regularly for updates on cases that affect Christian individuals and ministries!