God has given favor in our trial over the state government’s violating the constitutional and civil rights of veteran law enforcement officer Captain Kevin Fiedor—but there’s a long way to go!

Please continue to pray for justice for Capt. Fiedor and for millions of Americans who will be affected by the outcomes of this case.

The facts are decisively in our favor, but we’re up against one of the most powerful offices of the Florida state government—and they’re fighting us every inch of the way.

At the center of this case, the Department of Financial Services (DFS) investigated, punished, and made an example of Capt. Fiedor. . . just because of his faith in Jesus Christ.

DFS falsely claims they had/have no policy prohibiting religious expression in the workplace. In reality, while DFS doesn’t have such a written policy, they DO have a policy in fact—and it still affects Capt. Fiedor.

And their mistreatment of a Christian law enforcement veteran who served in the Florida State Fire Marshal’s Office, Bureau of Fire and Arson Investigations with twenty-two years of excellent performance reviews proves they violated his First Amendment rights of religious speech and free exercise.

The government hunted, shamed, and silenced Capt. Fiedor, unjustly interrogating him on his views on homosexuality and other moral issues.

DFS illegally muzzled Capt. Fiedor and required colleagues of his to monitor his conversations and report if he spoke about the Gospel or used the employee bulletin board to include any information related to his church or his faith.

Please pray for favor as we prove Capt. Fiedor was wrongly persecuted for LEGALLY sharing his faith and inviting his colleagues to community events at his church (events several had gladly attended in previous years). Please keep praying, and we’ll update you as we’re able.