May 2018 Ministry Update

This past month has been busy as we’ve had several major cases proceed forward. In the day that we live, churches are under greater and greater attack. We’re thankful for your partnership as we fight to keep churches focused on sharing the Gospel in their communities.

As our opponents try to silence Christians by attacking our faith in the workplace, classroom, online, and in the marketplace, we must stand up for the name of Jesus and our constitutional right to proclaim Truth freely.

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April 2018 Ministry Update

You and I have the opportunity to strengthen the foundations of our country.

Americans desperately long for the strength of the Church. Even as powerful individuals and interests mislead millions, loudly attacking Christians as being “hateful,” “bigoted,” or “backward,” God’s Truth is written on their hearts.

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March 2018 Ministry Update

This Easter, as you prepare to celebrate the sacrificial death and glorious resurrection of Jesus, Christians everywhere are reminded of His great grace upon us all. Together, we trust in God’s great power to accomplish our shared goals, especially defending your right to live out the Gospel in all areas of your life.

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January 2018 Ministry Update

Thank you for your prayerful support and interest in the NCLL. Please join me in giving thanks for God’s protection and provision over the last FIVE years. Launched in January 2013, the NCLL has been used by God to help promote, defend, and restore our first and most precious right—LIFE! 

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