September 2017 Ministry Update

Please keep praying for our legal efforts on behalf of D. James Kennedy Ministries (DJK Ministries), which has been unjustly attacked by powerful, wealthy interests for professing Christian beliefs. 

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August 2017 Ministry Update

Wisconsin photographer and blogger Amy Lawson, fearing potential financial ruin from the city of Madison and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, filed suit against both in March after a customer complaint.

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June 2017 Ministry Update

On June 19, the Supreme Court unanimously upheld an individual’s First Amendment right to express a viewpoint, as outlined in the Free Speech Clause, even if it is allegedly offensive. The context of the ruling was the denial of an application for federal registration of a mark by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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May 2017 Ministry Update

We live at a time when many Biblical churches find themselves at odds with the culture, even church culture. Churches are increasingly being asked to compromise their Biblical principles and alter their messages to suit the broader culture.

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