December Ministry Update

A few days ago, a pastor arrived at his church to find that his secretary had just taken a phone call that no Bible-believing pastor in America ever hopes to receive—one that could forever change his ministry.

The caller shared that he and his same-sex partner planned to get married, and they wanted the pastor to perform the ceremony at the church.

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November 2015

Thanksgiving is far too often overshadowed by the retail frenzy of the Christmas—make that the (politically correct) "holiday"—season. Yet if it weren't for the events we as Americans celebrate at Thanksgiving, we likely wouldn't have 200+ years of history as the most powerful, most freedom-loving nation this world has ever known. And there's no telling where we’d be if it weren't for the God who blessed those first settlers and allowed them to pave the way for the United States of America to become a reality more than 150 years later.

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October 2015

“Are you a Christian?” These were among the last words heard by several college students and a professor just a few weeks ago, as our nation witnessed the horror of another mass shooting, this time at a community college in Oregon. These were senseless deaths—deaths that appeared to be motivated by a hatred for Christianity. We grieve this loss not just because of the innocent lives that were cut short but also because tragedies like this force us to face our own mortality and the fact that, ultimately, we have little control over when our time on earth is done. That’s a harsh reality.

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September 2015

The National Center for Life and Liberty is coming off of one of its busiest months ever. With the addition of new offices in North Carolina and California, we are growing and expanding in ways only God could orchestrate—geographically, in the services we provide, and in the numbers of churches, individuals, and families who are joining and supporting this much-needed ministry. We've also hired two more attorneys and added new team members in our marketing and publications department, all of whom are excited and eager to use their talents and gifts to further the NCLL's mission of protecting and defending the values upon which our nation was founded.

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