July 2016 Ministry Update

The National Center for Life and Liberty continues to stand in the gap for churches, Christian schools, ministries, and law-abiding Americans, doing everything possible to protect their religious liberties and constitutional rights. We will not cower to the overt resistance confronting believers nor yield to the egregious measures designed to intimidate them. It is God who granted these most basic rights, and because no man can take away what God has granted, by His grace and strength, the NCLL will defend them.

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June 2016 Ministry Update

The National Center for Life and Liberty has been hard at work in the month of June defending the religious liberties of numerous individuals, churches, and ministries. Those seeking to erase the name of God from the public square and punish Christians who stand up for their Christian beliefs are increasingly aggressive, and our imperative is to advocate on their behalf.

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May 2016 Ministry Update

During the month of May, the National Center for Life and Liberty continued to fight for the rights of churches and individuals who desire to exercise their religious liberties. As we all know, these liberties are under attack by those who desire to remove the name of Christ from all public places, including our courts and schools. This effort to eliminate the name of Christ is rooted in the desire to prevent moral absolutes from guiding our society. As it says in Scripture, “every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” At the NCLL, we believe that the truths of Scripture guide all of life, including public policy. The fight to keep the name of Christ from being eradicated out of the public square is an important one that has a trickle-down effect on all of society.

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April Ministry Update

The month of April has been a busy month, as David Gibbs III and Pastor Rudy Holland have traveled to eight different locations presenting Church Legal-Health Seminars. Our desire is for these seminars to equip churches to protect themselves for maximum ministry opportunity with minimum liability. With all of the changes in the laws on both the federal and state level, churches need to be more vigilant than ever in safeguarding against openings that leave their ministries vulnerable to attack.

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